Best MedSpa Scottsdale AZ for BBL Photofacial

Do you have a lot of age spots or uneven skin tone? There’s a simple way to fix this common skin issue with the best MedSpa Scottsdale, AZ, has to offer. It`s the SCION BBL Photofacial to the rescue. This simple treatment is a fantastic way to reduce the amount of hyperpigmentation in the skin. Whether you call discoloration, age spots, sun damage, or other problems like rosacea, acne, or broken capillaries, having a BBL photo facial will use cutting-edge light therapy to improve the issues. Get ready for the best skin of your life. Med Spa Scottsdale

Esthetics Solutions Is Your Premier MedSpa Scottsdale 

 Esthetics Solutions is your go-to source for a MedSpa Scottsdale that does the BBL photo facial. In case you were wondering, BBL stands for “broadband light” therapy. It`s a high-intensity laser light that pulses on the skin, stimulating collagen production and causing an improved cellular turnover.

 How the BBL Photofacial Treatment Goes

 During the treatment at Esthetics Solutions, you`ll be relaxed in a chair with your eyes covered by safety goggles. Then a numbing cream goes on the skin so that you`ll be completely comfortable during the treatment. The session will last about an hour. Not only can you treat your face for discoloration and age-related concerns, but you can have a BBL photo facial from the best MedSpa Scottsdale on other parts of your body, including your neck, chest, arms, and hands. Say goodbye to annoying age spots for better and younger-looking skin. MedSpa Scottsdale

 Call On Esthetics Solutions for Total Skin Improvement

As a famous MedSpa Scottsdale, Esthetic Solutions is here for BBL photofacials and other lifestyle improvements in cosmetic injectables, laser hair removal, skin revitalization, sexual rejuvenation, and other wellness therapies. Give us a call today to schedule services that beautify and delight in every way possible.  Med Spa Scottsdale